Thursday, 17 September 2009

Two weekends of fun

Hi folks.Yep this Saturday is the Papermaze crop which I have been going to now for about 4yrs. I always thoroughly enjoy it, don't do much scrapping but plenty of chatting with my lovely mates. Also means a trip to the Papermaze shop and no doubt I will be tempted into buying something even though next Saturday we're off to Ally Pally. Yes 7 of us will set off at 7.30am and arrive home exhausted but happy about 9pm. Ang will take her 'bus', so thanks for that Ang she's a real star, especially as she has to put up with Jekyll and Hyde as her navigator( aka me). The others are Carol, Karen, Liz, Janet and Angela. We always have such a great day with a much needed stop at the Chelmsford Mac D's on the way home........last time they didn't know what had hit them as 7 crazed women sat down to eat.LOL
Worked a night shift last night, glad to say it was a good one and the 9 hours went quick. Had 2 1/2 hrs sleep this morning and I'm now full of the joys of spring.......bit deluded there.
I now have my own craft room, as Aaron has moved out so I'm now in his old bedroom, which is downstairs so idael. If he decides to move back home he'll have to evict me.LOL
Well I'm in desperate need of a caffeine fix, been drinking it all night so you'd think my veins would be well topped to get some LO sorted out for Saturday. I've at least 6 that only need journalling on which I printed off yesterday so I'll finish those later. I'm desperately trying to use up my old stash.....gave me a chance to have a sort out by moving into a craft room, so now have several things to sell.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The holidays are nearly over...

where has those 6 weeks of the summer holidays gone! Thursday Emily is back at school and starting yr10. Tim will be enrolling at college( he'll be 17yrs next week), Aaron missed out on getting into university, so intends taking a year out and deciding what to do, luckily he has a full time job to tide him over. I feel rather deflated with life at the moment, I don't really know'd be lovely to say sod the lot of you and disappear for a few dream is Florida and yes I would go by myself, sounds so selfish but hey we all have the erge at times but not all of us admit it.
Anyway it's the Bramford Crop on Saturday, so I've that to look forward too, then the following Saturday it's the Bromeswell Crop, the 3rd Saturday it's Papermaze and the 26th it's the long awaited trip to Ally Pally, so September Saturdays are fully booked.I'm actually sorting out some LO's to do on Saturday. I've also started a list of things to look out for at AP.
Got to go pick Tim up from football training soon. He sold his moped last week and is saving up for a 125 motorbike.......more worry!
I'm buying my friend Carol's large Artbin wheeled tote, I think at long last I've found a tote that serves my need for lots of space as I never know what to leave behind when I go to a crop. This tote I've filled with everything I take, all I need to do now is pay Carol for it. LOL....that's more cash for her Ally Pally stash shopping.
Well best end now, have a nice week peeps.