Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer Weather At Last !

Wow what a change in weather. It's so hot out side today, I've put my new patio set out! It was lovely yesterday too but I didn't really see much of that until the drive home, as I spent the day at Bulmer nr Sudbury at one of Tina Kelson's craft days. I had a fab day all credit goes to Tina. Looking forward to next one which should be in October. You chose the project goodie bag you wanted to do, cards or birdhouse, I chose the birdhouse and this is what I came up with..........
Tina bought them from the MDF Man and they are money boxes so the label attached to the roof near the slot says 'Stash Fund'. Isn't it so cute.
Hope to finish off the two scrapbook layouts I started yesterday this coming week.
On Saturday it's our Church Village Fete (from 1.30pm in Bramford, Suffolk........the car park you park in for the monthly crop) It's normally a good well supported afternoon. This means the monthly Bramford crop will be the 2nd Saturday of the month...the 13th.
I've some really exciting news to tell you all but sadly that will have to wait cos at the moment my lips are sealed, which is soooo hard!
Well I'm off to catch a few rays before the sun says goodbye for today.
Have a great week.

                        Janina xx

Friday, 14 June 2013

Middle of June already!

Isn't this year just flying by! People will soon be saying that dreaded 'C' word..............Christmas! Ugh!
Tomorrow I'm off to the monthly Papermaze crop, I do so enjoy my day there with friends I have made over the past 8 years, yes I have now been going to Papermaze for 8 years. It's such a lovely friendly crop and apart from the Bramford crop one of the best crops in Suffolk. The same as the Bramford crop Papermaze has no silly rules or regulations that make people uncomfortable.
Anyway I've been busy the past week stamping, cutting and sticking to come up with these gorgeous Prima Mixed Media Dolls. They are soooo cute and fun to do.( I blame Karen B for bringing a couple of the stamps along to the Bramford crop, now I'm hooked. I bought the first complete set and now have the latest release set winging there way to me.) If you want to buy any of the stamps check out as they have them.
                                             This is how they start out one you stamp them.

                                                                  Aren't they so cute!

Each doll is approx 7.5" tall so quite big. I intend making tag cards with them using kraft card as the base for my tag.
Because we've had a bit of sun, where I here you shout. I went and bought a garden patio set on Tuesday, it still sits in my dining room in the boxes as the sun seams to have gone walkabout. Here's the set I got.
It was good value too £69.99 from Argos the same in the Range was £129.99! Bargin, or not if we have no summer.LOL
Well I'm off to make a coffee then sort out what I'm taking to the crop tomorrow.
Have a great weekend.

                       Janina xx