Thursday, 28 May 2015

A Grand Day Out......

Sunday Emily and I spent the day in London sight seeing and Shaun the Sheep spotting, while Andy and Tim spent the day at Lords Cricket Ground watching a great days cricket England playing New Zealand in a test match.
We had a fun day wandering around the city finding the lovely painted Shauns and seeing places on all of our many visits to London we'd never seen.
Shaun in Covent Garden.
 Leicester Square.
Carnaby Street.
 St Pauls.

St Pauls.

At the Tower of London.
This famous Liberty's of London.
 St Pauls.
The Shard.

We saw 27 of the 50 Shauns dotted around the city and stopped by Lords Cricket Ground, Covent Garden, St Pauls, Carnaby Street, Oxford Street, The Shard, Wet Dock, Globe Theatre, Leicester Square, Tower Of London, Tower Bridge as well as a couple of Neros Coffee Shops to recharge and give our aching legs a break. We started at 10.30am in St Johns Wood and finished at 6.30pm in Leicester Square where we met up with Andy and Tim for an evening meal at Pizza Hut. All in all a grand day out.........excuse the pun(Wallace and Gromit!)

                                       Janina xx