Monday, 29 November 2010

It's Snowing!

As I sit here typing this it's snowing. Our village always looks so pretty when covered in snow and I always have to wander round and take photos.............not today though I'm staying indoors as long as possible.LOL
Went to two crops over the weekend. Saturday I went to the Create and Crop and managed 4 layouts(I'll have to learn how to upload them on here) and yesterday I went to the Your Creations crop day at Henley nr Ipswich. I was chuffed to bits as I actually won a raffle prize.My tickets were first out the hat and I chose a Martha Stewart PATP set kindly donated by Vanessa at Papermaze.
I've also had some other creative good luck . I entered Cardmaking and Papercrafts mag Cardmaker of the Year comp and came 3rd in two sections, Cosmo Cricket(prize has arrived for this lots of CC goodies) and the Stampin Up section, still waiting on that prize. So all in all had a good couple of weeks..................should of bought a lottery ticket.LOL
Well Christmas is looming fast.............only bought stocking filler pressies for the kids so far. We're off to Lakeside sometime in the next fortnight, to do the bulk of the shopping.........still waiting on families christmas lists. Andy and I are buying a new Blu-ray DVD player with surround sound between us as there's nothing we really need. I think the only crafty thing I've asked for this year is a 12x12 deep frame box.
I'm still debating on buying the new Spellbinders Grand Calibur of Sizzix Big Shot Pro..........probably end up with the Calibur, it's alot cheaper and would get more use.........think I've answered my own question there.
My craft room is now complete with the Ikea expedit storage system.................I now have storage around all walls.............just need to sort my stash out to a workable system. I'm getting there slowly.
The Bramford Christmas crop is nearly upon us, Saturday 11th December. I've been sorting out the prizes up for grabs, lots of lovely goodies.
Well the hoovering awaits so I'd best go get that done.

Take care.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ally Pally

Well not long now and I'm off to Ally Pally with Liz, Karen and Nancy. My shopping list keeps getting longer, so hopefully I'll beable to tick some if not all the things off it as I shop through the day..................hey once the cash is gone it's gone but I'm hoping like last time I come home with some left over cash.LOL
What gorgeous weather we've had the past few days. Middle son now has his own car(his first) and today the insurance papers arrived so he's been to tax it and he's now trying it out for the first time too..........he's had to wait since last week so he's off. A great photo oppotunity once he comes back, for my next scrapbook page.
Well now got to do the fortnightly shop at Asda....................ugh!!!!

Have a lovely day.


Thursday, 19 August 2010


Spent the day in London yesterday...........well when we eventually got there that is.LOL
Decided to drive down to Newbury Park station, park there and get the central line into London..........NO PARKING SPACES LEFT ,so onto Gants Hill and hey guess what they don't have any parking. After driving round a few side streets we managed to find a FREE park all day space.Five minutes walk to the station and we were on our way. Got to Leicester Square just before midday. Got tickets to see Oliver as Wicked had sold out.(£200 for 4 of us, I nearly choked but Andy dulily coughed up the cash!) Pizza Hut for lunch, which was very nice and then over to Westminster to get tickets for a boat trip on the Thames, something we have'nt done in London before. After that we went onto Harrods to window shop.LOL By now we were hungry again so it was off to Shafsbury Avenue to find a Mac D's. Bellies full again we then wandered up to Covent Garden until 6.30pm when we then crossed to Drury Lane to the Theatre Royal.
Must say those £50 tickets were good as we ended up in the upper circle so had a very good view.
Russ Abbott was Fagin and brilliant at it too. It was a very good show, one we've wanted to see since Andrew Lloyd Webber had his BBC 1 to find Nancy show.Going back in October to see Les Mis. Andy's choice not mine.
We got home just before 1am this morning, totally shattered.
On the crafting note, I took a little trip down to Ikea at Lakeside a couple of weeks ago and treated myself to 2 of the Expedit shelving range...............thoroughly reccommend it for any craft room. I've now had a good sort out and rearranged my craft room with wall to wall storage and at long last floor space. I'm selling some of my unwanted storage so once that's gone it'll cover the cost of my new storage.
Saving now for Ally Pally at the end of September, I will be driving down again in my car as sadly Ang won't be coming. Starting to compile my to look for and hopefully buy list, thankfully it's not very long. I must visit Craftwork Cards, Lili of the Valley, LB Crafts and Sugar and Spice, oh and Capture the Magic..............I like to see what goodies they have.
Well it's lunch time, the washing machine has finished(3rd time it's been on today) ironing needs doing and I'm hoping to get in my craft room.
Papermaze crop on it.

Take care.

Janina x

Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Downward slippery slope to Christmas...aahhh

It's almost August and that means Christmas products will be appearing in Asda and the likes.This year I'm going to really try and start making my Christmas cards earlier......................LOL
Well it's been over 3 months since I last blogged though I do visit other peoples blogs every day so no excuse really.
Lots gone on in my neck of the woods. I now have a new job with permenant hours in a lovely small care home in Ipswich, which I've been at for 2 months now, working nights which suit me and the added bonus I can take my craft stuff with me and craft during the night. How good is that.
I handed in my notice at the Council home in April and my other 3 mornings a week job I leave at the end of this month. Means I should have abit more time to myself during the day.........crafting time. The new care job means every other week I'm working full-time, tho' working it at night doesn't seem like it..............I'd hate to work full-time during the day, so feel very lucky I'm doing the job I love and the hours that suit me. I also work with some lovely people.
Aaron my DS1 lost his job a couple of months ago, but thankfully now has another one which he loves and suits his personality as he's a social animal.
Tim DS2 passed his driving test in June, first attempt so my car doesn't spend long in our drive at the mo. He wants his own car, but we've told him to wait cost enough to put him on my insurance...............sold his motorbike last weekend so that's two car wheels bought.Ha!ha!
I now have my shed back so I've a little job of sorting it out.
Emily DD is coming to the end of her work experience. She's been at a local(the one I went to years ago) Primary school with the year1's and has loved it.Hubby's still doing his job be it part-time, but hey it's a job.
Went to Papermaze crop yesterday(been going there for over 5 years now) and actually completed and I mean completed TWO layouts..............this is a first. Even more unbelievable when I went to the GoGo crop last month I completed SIX, yes I did say SIX layouts. I'm desperately trying to use up old stash and am atlast succeeding slightly. It's sooo hard with all the lovely new papers that keep appearing on the shelves at Papermaze. Yesterday I just had to buy the lovely Echo Park range.
Now I'm hoping to have more time to myself I'm hoping to get lots of scrapping done, I've an album to finish for Tim by September as he'll be 18 on the 10th.
Well lots to do, washing to hang out.......where has the sun gone!?

Janina x

Thursday, 1 April 2010

April already and one week to Ally Pally.

Can you believe it's the 1st April. I've spent part of the day making's about time I started using up that mountain of stash in my craft room.,infact I've spent quite abit of time over the past week in my craft room making cards. My goal is to try and not buy shop cards for the rest of the year.........this I've said for the past couple of years and not managed it but now I'm well on my way.
Good Friday tomorrow, we'll go to the in-laws for our traditional fish n chips. Had to have it at home last year because mum-in-law was in hospital having a knee replacement(bit inconsiderate of her.LOL)
Saturday it's the Bramford crop and it looks like it'll be another good turnout.The following Saturday is Ally Pally and as Ang and Carol won't be going this time(they're off to an altered art weekend in May) so I will be driving and taking Karen, Liz and Nancy. I'm soooo excited and have made a small list of stuff I'd like to get.
School holiday has started. I honesty have always loved the kids being on holiday, means not having to be up before 7am every morning and some days I can still be in my dressing gown at 9am! We can have a proper meal at lunch time rather than at tea-time, though I bet they'll moan.
Emily has Gang Show all next week, so it'll be busy running around. The following week we are decorating her bedroom, so she'll be sleeping in the dining room that week, the problem is where to put her wardrobe etc while were're doing that. The bed can be taken apart..................
Well hope you have a lovely Easter, fingers crossed the weather is kind to us.

Janina x

Monday, 8 February 2010

It's been snowing again!

Yep this morning the good old white stuff started to fall again, but all it done was made everywhere wet. I did love to see it before and after christmas and to see it last for a few days was better still.Time for the camera to come out, don my pink wellies and a walk round the village......heaven in my book.
It was the Bramford crop on Saturday and a very good turnout too, so much so I've ordered two more cropping tables to seat 4 more people, well with NSD on May 1st I expect the crop to be bursting at the seams. We are very lucky with our crop and have a super bunch of ladies who come along.............did you know we've just celebrated our 2nd birthday, doesn't seem possible it was 2yrs ago I started the crop where has the time gone?? It's been an enjoyable 2yrs so here's to the next 2.
QVC have a 7hr craft day starting midnight tomorrow night and the TSV is Martha Stewart punches, I'll be staying up to order mine. The price is going to be very good and one not to miss.
I'm trying to save for Ally Pally which is in April. Sadly my buddies won't be coming this time. Ang and Carol are going to the Artsycraft weekend in May, Janet has a new grandchild on the way, Angela has other committments and as yet Karen's unsure what she'll be working. Mcdonalds Chelmsford will not be the same without you's to September Ally P.
Haven't done much scrapping since Christmas, but have started to sort out my craft room.Last week I spent two days giving it a go and my desk looks alittle clearer, shame the floor doesn't. I need to get in there and finish it off this week so I can get some scrapping and cardmaking done and I'm trying to use up old stash before Ally P.
Got to go start cooking tea soon, something with yesterdays left over chicken. I've to work tonight so I'll leave at 9.30pm, be home by 7.15am tomorrow. Will go to bed once Tim and Emily have gone off to college/school.
I prefer working nights to days a 9hr night shift goes quicker than a 9hr day shift.
Well lots to do. Have a great week.