Thursday, 1 April 2010

April already and one week to Ally Pally.

Can you believe it's the 1st April. I've spent part of the day making's about time I started using up that mountain of stash in my craft room.,infact I've spent quite abit of time over the past week in my craft room making cards. My goal is to try and not buy shop cards for the rest of the year.........this I've said for the past couple of years and not managed it but now I'm well on my way.
Good Friday tomorrow, we'll go to the in-laws for our traditional fish n chips. Had to have it at home last year because mum-in-law was in hospital having a knee replacement(bit inconsiderate of her.LOL)
Saturday it's the Bramford crop and it looks like it'll be another good turnout.The following Saturday is Ally Pally and as Ang and Carol won't be going this time(they're off to an altered art weekend in May) so I will be driving and taking Karen, Liz and Nancy. I'm soooo excited and have made a small list of stuff I'd like to get.
School holiday has started. I honesty have always loved the kids being on holiday, means not having to be up before 7am every morning and some days I can still be in my dressing gown at 9am! We can have a proper meal at lunch time rather than at tea-time, though I bet they'll moan.
Emily has Gang Show all next week, so it'll be busy running around. The following week we are decorating her bedroom, so she'll be sleeping in the dining room that week, the problem is where to put her wardrobe etc while were're doing that. The bed can be taken apart..................
Well hope you have a lovely Easter, fingers crossed the weather is kind to us.

Janina x

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