Thursday, 25 October 2012

TV addict!

For some unknown reason our cat Guss has taken to watching tv, he gets quite engrossed at times and will sit watching for ages! This is him watching BBC's breakfast time.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Doing a little happy dance......

Yes I'm doing a happy dance as I've just spent 4 long hours typing up and printing out my last mandatory unit of my Diploma. YIPEEEEE.  Assessor will be in work on Sunday night to assess me bathing someone and then I can start on my optional Dementia units, more joy! I'm all studied out for a couple of weeks now so I intend catching up on some crafting. I've 3 crop page kits to get done so they're top of my list. I've stash I've bought which include from Ally Pally in September I haven't even looked at so I've some playing to do.
Right tea to sort, liver is in the oven veg to go peel!

               Janina xx

Monday, 22 October 2012

And it's only Monday!

Yay it's only Monday and I've only got 1/2 a unit of my diploma to get done before the weekend..............surprising  what you can get done when you put your mind to it!!!!I might crack on with it today or finish it tomorrow.
Went to Papermaze crop on Saturday and had a lovely day. I only managed to complete the page kit of the month which was designed by Lou, a lovely page it was too. Lou's next Wednesday workshop at Papermaze is on 7th November, which I promptly booked myself on as I so enjoyed the last one she did. I thoroughly recommend going if you can make it.
Nothing to show at the mo as I haven't photographed what I've done, hopefully next time.

Have a good week.

             Janina xx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

My head wants to explode!

It's now 7pm and I've just finished writing out a couple of units of my Diploma which I have been sat at my table since 11.30am this morning...........hence my head now feels like it wants to explode! I've still to type them up and print them out, which'll take me an age and then I've a part unit left to do all by next Sunday evening when the assessor is due to come into work to see me to assess me assisting a resident with a bath.All 9 units will then be finished and it will be on to the optional 6 units on dementia. I'm hoping to have finished by January and then I should get my level 2 certificate in Health and Social Care in adults. Yippee do! That'll be it as far as I'm concerned with studying, it's flaming hard work getting your brain back into study mode when it's been away for so long. LOL
Tomorrow I'm having a chill out crafting day trying to put together some layouts to take with me to Papermaze on Saturday. I'm going to try and be prepared for once and only take with me what I need, instead of a car full of stuff I don't need! I need to go see Di at Crafts and Candlelight as she now has the papers in for the December and January Bramford crop kits, so I need to do that sometime tomorrow.
Looks like next week I've a busy one what with all this typing I've to do and as I'm the one fingered typer you can imagine how long it will take me!!!! I'm so looking forward to it...NOT.

Well have a good weekend.

         Janina xx

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

What I created at the weekend....

Saturday I went to a crop and managed to complete two layouts which I'm quite pleased with. My brain wouldn't let me do anymore as I'd been on a 12hr night shift on Friday night and by 3pm all I wanted to do was sleep!
Today I've been to a fab workshop at Papermaze( run by Lou Collins. We had a great time creating a gorgeous layout using mists and getting messy.....great fun. She'll be doing regular monthly workshop at Papermaze on a Wednesday morning do check out their web site for more info. Will have to take a pic of my effort and post another time.
It's the Bramford monthly crop this Saturday, so another fun day though I don't normally get anything done, I just chat to the ladies all day. Friday I've an all day course at work on Challenging Behaviour then I'm at work at night as the sleep in carer.................sadly it doesn't mean you always sleep!!!

              Janina xx