Monday, 8 February 2010

It's been snowing again!

Yep this morning the good old white stuff started to fall again, but all it done was made everywhere wet. I did love to see it before and after christmas and to see it last for a few days was better still.Time for the camera to come out, don my pink wellies and a walk round the village......heaven in my book.
It was the Bramford crop on Saturday and a very good turnout too, so much so I've ordered two more cropping tables to seat 4 more people, well with NSD on May 1st I expect the crop to be bursting at the seams. We are very lucky with our crop and have a super bunch of ladies who come along.............did you know we've just celebrated our 2nd birthday, doesn't seem possible it was 2yrs ago I started the crop where has the time gone?? It's been an enjoyable 2yrs so here's to the next 2.
QVC have a 7hr craft day starting midnight tomorrow night and the TSV is Martha Stewart punches, I'll be staying up to order mine. The price is going to be very good and one not to miss.
I'm trying to save for Ally Pally which is in April. Sadly my buddies won't be coming this time. Ang and Carol are going to the Artsycraft weekend in May, Janet has a new grandchild on the way, Angela has other committments and as yet Karen's unsure what she'll be working. Mcdonalds Chelmsford will not be the same without you's to September Ally P.
Haven't done much scrapping since Christmas, but have started to sort out my craft room.Last week I spent two days giving it a go and my desk looks alittle clearer, shame the floor doesn't. I need to get in there and finish it off this week so I can get some scrapping and cardmaking done and I'm trying to use up old stash before Ally P.
Got to go start cooking tea soon, something with yesterdays left over chicken. I've to work tonight so I'll leave at 9.30pm, be home by 7.15am tomorrow. Will go to bed once Tim and Emily have gone off to college/school.
I prefer working nights to days a 9hr night shift goes quicker than a 9hr day shift.
Well lots to do. Have a great week.

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