Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas is a comin'.............

Afraid to say christmas will soon be upon us and I'm quickly running out of time or energy.LOL
Had quite a fruitful day so far. The tree is up, decorated and the lights are twinkling in the early evening darkness. I like to put the lights on when I get up in the mornings while it's still dark......looks so cosy while I drink my cup of tea!!!!
I've also written most of the christmas cards, just a handful left to do now. I've changed the linen on two beds and hoovered up from top to bottom, surprising what you can do when you put your mind to it.
My aim by the end of the week is to have finished the cards and wrapped all the presents, just got a couple left to buy tomorrow......did the rest last week at Lakeside shopping centre.
Had a great Christmas crop on Saturday in Bramford with over 30 ladies attending. Will be off to Papermaze crop on the 19th, so that's to look forward to apart from I'm at work that night as well as the Sunday night and Monday morning...busy weekend.
Emily is now starting to get her christmas tips from her paper round....last year she got over £200! I think she might buy herself a new flat screne TV for her bedroom.
Got an interview on Thursday at the residential home I work nights at as a relief carer. Silly I still had to fill out an application form and have to have an interview even tho' I've been working there over a year...fingers crossed I get permenant hours so I can then give up my other part-time job.....would make things easier for me.
I've still some christmas cards to make for my special friends, that's to be done by the 19th.I've ideas so that helps.LOL
Well lots to do. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas.
Janina x

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