Thursday, 19 August 2010


Spent the day in London yesterday...........well when we eventually got there that is.LOL
Decided to drive down to Newbury Park station, park there and get the central line into London..........NO PARKING SPACES LEFT ,so onto Gants Hill and hey guess what they don't have any parking. After driving round a few side streets we managed to find a FREE park all day space.Five minutes walk to the station and we were on our way. Got to Leicester Square just before midday. Got tickets to see Oliver as Wicked had sold out.(£200 for 4 of us, I nearly choked but Andy dulily coughed up the cash!) Pizza Hut for lunch, which was very nice and then over to Westminster to get tickets for a boat trip on the Thames, something we have'nt done in London before. After that we went onto Harrods to window shop.LOL By now we were hungry again so it was off to Shafsbury Avenue to find a Mac D's. Bellies full again we then wandered up to Covent Garden until 6.30pm when we then crossed to Drury Lane to the Theatre Royal.
Must say those £50 tickets were good as we ended up in the upper circle so had a very good view.
Russ Abbott was Fagin and brilliant at it too. It was a very good show, one we've wanted to see since Andrew Lloyd Webber had his BBC 1 to find Nancy show.Going back in October to see Les Mis. Andy's choice not mine.
We got home just before 1am this morning, totally shattered.
On the crafting note, I took a little trip down to Ikea at Lakeside a couple of weeks ago and treated myself to 2 of the Expedit shelving range...............thoroughly reccommend it for any craft room. I've now had a good sort out and rearranged my craft room with wall to wall storage and at long last floor space. I'm selling some of my unwanted storage so once that's gone it'll cover the cost of my new storage.
Saving now for Ally Pally at the end of September, I will be driving down again in my car as sadly Ang won't be coming. Starting to compile my to look for and hopefully buy list, thankfully it's not very long. I must visit Craftwork Cards, Lili of the Valley, LB Crafts and Sugar and Spice, oh and Capture the Magic..............I like to see what goodies they have.
Well it's lunch time, the washing machine has finished(3rd time it's been on today) ironing needs doing and I'm hoping to get in my craft room.
Papermaze crop on it.

Take care.

Janina x

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