Sunday, 2 November 2008

Hi bloggers

Hasn't the past month flown by! It was crop day in Bramford yesterday with 29 scrappers turning up, next month the Christmas crop I expect one or two more. It's great to think people want to come to our crop month in month out and I thank you all for making it such a friendly fun event. Next months one is on 13th December and has lots of prizes on offer.
This week I start a new job as a Relief Carer working all night shifts at a local Elderly Residential home. By the end of the week I will be shattered, so roll on Friday.Next week things should have calmed down......well just a bit! My DH Andy has two weeks left working in Ireland, but it could be four weeks then he's out of work, reckons he's going to be a house husband.....yeh right, me thinks he'll soon get feed up with that. I reckon it'll be the new year before he finds a new job when things on the economy front settle down. I'll be doing two jobs so at least we won't be in each others will feel strange as he's worked away from home for the past 13 years and ever since we have been married(20 years now, god I could've committed 2 murders and been out on good behaviour!!!!No he's lovely really....well most of the time) he's worked shifts.......
Yesterday at the crop Suzy kindly made her Malteser cake for us, which I confess to eating two pieces and Heather(her cakes are amazingly scrummy) made butterfly buns and I ate 3 of those!!!!!!Funny thing I don't normally eat cake except at our crop and the one at Papermaze, then I eat a months ration. Well vegetables are calling to be sorted for lunch. It's roast pork today.
Have a great week bloggers, will be back sooner than the past month..................Janina xx

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