Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ally Pally

Well Ang, Carol, Karen, Janet, Angela, Liz and myself set off at 7.40am for our long awaited trip to Ally Pally. The sun was shining and the journey there quite straight forward. AP was packed not just with lots of lovely goodies up for grabs but with people, this was the busiest I'd seen it in about 4 years and the heat inside was stifling too. I bought lots of lovely goodies and was well chuffed. I think we were all impressed this time and all had a good spend. We came away at 5pm when the show closed all shattered but very happy, sat on the steps had a group photo and then loaded into Ang's 'bus' for the journey home. We had our customary stop at McDonalds Chelmford, were we ended up in fits of laughter and funny stares from other customers. We arrived back in Bramford at 9pm.......must say a BIG THANKS to Ang for kindly driving us all there and back.
I had a good look at all my purchases this morning and was surprised at how much I'd actually bought! Lovely card stock and papers, nesties, inks, alot of lovely rubber should check out a new company called her stamps are gorgeous.
Well tomorrow my son Aaron is off to New York with Suffolk College until Friday. It was his 18th birthday pressie from me and hubby. He went last year too and this last week I finally finished srapping his photos. I won't be going to bed until 3.30am tomorrow as he's to be at the college before 3am!!! Motherly love or what LOL.
As alot of you know I'm an avid Ipswich Town football supporter and today we played Norwich at home, sadly Andy used his season ticket so I didn't get to go, very inconsiderate of him me thinks.......well Ipswich wiped the floor with Norwich...he! he! he! bragging rights are ours. Even better news Everton have just knocked Man U out of the FA Cup semi finals, even bigger Ha!, Ha!, Ha!
Well I've a huge pile of ironing to wade through, so must stop now.

Janina x

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