Friday, 10 June 2011

Bad blogger

Oh dear, where has the last few months gone?. I did'nt realise it had been soooo long. Life is busy.I work 3 nights per week( 12 hr shifts) and what with a family, home, crafting time etc........................excuses I suppose.
Just realised it's chucking it down with rain outside, typical as schools out in awhile.
Tomorrow It's the crop I run each month, we're a week later as my god-daughter got married last week, she looked stunning and I got lots of lovely photos. I'm going to make her and her husband Daniel a 12x12 page and frame it in a deep frame task in the next fortnight. I'm going to have to learn how to upload my photos on here so I can show off my L/O's. Got an updated photo of my three children aswell, I say children, A is now 20, T is 18 and E is 16yrs so young adults really, but still my babies.LOL By shear luck and pressing a few keys I've managed to at long last include a photo on here, not exactly where I wanted it to go but hey ho it's a start.My computer learning skills very basic.............I know how to buy online...he he he.Infact I've two parcels awaitng my attention.
Right I'll post this and see how the photo pan out, then I might add some of my other photos..........have a great weekend.


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