Friday, 16 September 2011

Ally Pally here we come!

It's that time of year again when our twice yearly trip to Ally Pally in London is now only one week away. I've got a small list with odds n ends on it I'm hoping to get. So early next Saturday Liz, Nancy, myself and fingers crossed Karen will be on our way. We always have such a good day out with our customly stop at the Chelmsford Mcdonalds on the way home.
Tomorrow it's the Papermaze crop, I'm on a working wake 12hr night shift tonight, but will still go to the crop, will need nudging about mid-day as I'll have that glassy look in my eyes.............give me half an hour and a coffee and I'll be fine...............I'll just crash out on the settee at home in the evening. I've been going to Papermaze crop since 2006 and still thoroughly enjoy it as it's a very friendly crop and along the way I've made some good friends too.
Did I tell you I've started to make my christmas cards? Made about 60 so far, had a bit of a break from them and will start making more in the next few weeks. I've a week off work the end of the month, so apart from having an autumn clean in the house I intend spending time cardmaking.

Have a good weekend, mine will go in a blur until Tuesday as it's my weekend in work, so with lack of sleep............................

Janina x

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