Sunday, 12 May 2013


Aaron's first 'proper' flight as cabin crew was on Friday to Teneriff, he got the pilot to take this picture of him in front of the planes foe me to scrap!

Life of a jet setter hey!
Yesterday I spent a lovely day at the monthly Papermaze crop and nearly managed to complete a layout.....I'll finish it this week and post it sometime.
It's my weekend in at work, so will be in tonight hope it's as good as Friday night which went nice and smoothly....just hope I'm not tempting fate here.

              Janina xx


Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

super photo Janina, look forward to seeing it scrapped.
sue x

Karen said...

Do you know Janina, all the time you have been following my blog and I've only just thought to have a look if you have one!! I'm pleased to see you do!
Congratulations to Aaron, he did really really well to get the job as cabin crew. Thomson is a good company to work for, I was lucky too, in 1996 I worked for them as a Childrens' Representative (kiddie rep!) I was based in Ibiza and had a fabulous time. I came home, met Mark and the rest, as hey say, is history!! Good luck to him in his career, i'm sure he's going love it!!