Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy New Year and here's my resolution.............

To tidy up me craft room, it looks a complete mess and muddle! Thursday is the day for a huge task of making it look tidy and so I can see the floor, which in the following photos just does not show you how bad it is!
In this photo you can only just see my desk!

I can see it being an all day hard slog kinda day, but hey ho it needs to be done before I can play with all the new stamps and dies I've bought over the last few months and that still sit unopened. Also I want to try out Nancy's idea of completing a set amount of scrap layouts before buying new stash, Nancy's target was 50, I laughed and said maybe 20..................or even 10. LOL
Check out my new toy I bought today from the Range, they have it on special offer making it £50 cheaper than anywhere else. I sold my Spellbinders Grand Calibur machine yesterday so it's help to fund the new purchase. It'll have to stay unopened until my craft room is tidy, so a good reason to get my tidying butt into gear.

Going to Karen Curd's monthly crafting day on Saturday, means I can get started on my LO target.
Papermaze is the following Saturday.
I'm in the tidy and declutter mode since last week. It was Emily's bedroom and cupboard last week, 4 hours later two bin liners of rubbish, one bag to go to charity shop but one tidy bedroom and cupboard. I know she's 19yrs but leave it to her and it would never get done. Christmas decorations came down yesterday and are now back in loft. I've sorted out other cupboards too and binned more rubbish. How liberating it feels!!!!
Craft room to go..............ugh!
Work tonight , 12hour night shift and then that's my lot until next Tuesday...whoop whoop I love how my shift pattern works now, means I end up with 6 days off every other week.

Well have a good week.

              Janina xx


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Janina, I am so envious, you've go a craft room, I's love one even if it was untidy.
Good luck with tidying yo, hugs Kate x

karen barker said...

Wow the craft room is looking good. But why did you go for a new die cutting machine, I thought u had a big shot, and is the new machine any good

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

OMG Janina that is ging to take a lot of work LOL, still at least you have a craft room Happy New Year xx

Nancy said...

Hope you have found the floor. Look forward to seeing the LO that you complete. Xx