Thursday, 15 January 2015

I treated myself......

Yesterday I took a look in our local TKMax and found these so decided to treat myself to them.
A lovely desk top spinner and desk top storage, both in wood. The one on the right is approx 12" wide so not a bad size and looks great on my craft desk. The spinner was £9.99 and the other was £12.99.
I'm trying to sort out my craftroom, it's slow going I might add. I'm getting ruthless to in selling stash I haven't used or probably won't use. At the moment I've sold lots but doesn't look like I've made any dent in it!
My aim also in the next few months is to use up what papers and cardstock I have before buying more.........trouble is it's the Papermaze crop on Saturday and Vanessa has 20% off everything! Ugh!!!

        Janina xx


cuilliesocks said...

Hi there, these looks very useful and attractive to. I'm trying nto to buy much either, especially paper, take care, hugs Kate x

voodoo vixen said...

They are really good prices, I paid much more for my versions when I was in Canada from Micheals so you did really well!! I think a lot of people are trying to reduce stash piles at the moment... I haven't bought anything but adhesives for about 6 months and still have way too much stuff... if Mr Mojo would just come back and visit for a while I might get some of it used!! LOL