Thursday, 12 November 2015

Meet Ollie....

Meet the new addition to our household.....Ollie who is approx 14 weeks old now. We got him last week and he's already made himself at home and got his paws under the table. LOL. Isn't he gorgeous!?
This one he kept trying to catch the arrow on the screen.
Sadly our stray cat Gus died in September, not sure how old he was as he turned up on our doorstep 9 years ago and never left and he was around 5 or 6 years then.
It's been 23 years since we had a kitten in the house but it's lovely, he's so funny.

                       Janina xx


cuilliesocks said...

Hi Janina, Ollie is gorgeous, what a cheeky wee face he has, bet he is great fun, he will keep you going I'm sure, Kate x

cuilliesocks said...

Hi there Janina, hoping you pick this is up, Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and for your love Christmas wishes, you have a lovely festive time and wishing you health and happiness in 2016, Kate x