Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Stash Sorting

Over the past month I've been having a good sort out of my stash in my craftroom, which I might add is packed to the rafters! Shamefully I might add, you know the stuff you bought because you might use it! I've managed to sell bits on via ebay, UKS and the Bramford crop. I'm off to Create and Crop on Saturday so hoping to sell a bit more. I've made lots of cards of late as I've got two table top sales I'm doing in November. This has meant I've managed to use up papers, embellishments etc that I've had for awhile...............still has'nt made much of a dent in my stash hoard though. one card I made last week is the photo I'm showing with this posting. It's made from the left over scraps from the Bramford crop November kit Graphic 45 Magic of Oz, I must say I am quite pleased with the result and just proves what you can do with left over scraps.
I had a sad email earlier to say that Papermaze in Otley had a massive fire yesterday which looking at the local papers web site has destroyed a lot of the building and stock. My heart goes out to Vanessa as she definately does not deserve this, thankfully no one was hurt.
Well I've tea to start and a pile of ironing sitting there looking at me.LOL If I get it done today I can then spend some of tomorrow crafting.

Hope you all have a good weekend, I will as I'm scrapping all day Saturday.

Janina x

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