Friday, 2 March 2012

My computer is back and I'm up and running!

At long last I have my computer back from the menders. It's been away 3 long weeks. I have been using my son's laptop but just can'nt get on with it. Thankfully all my documents and folders have been saved and reinstalled, rubbish has been cleaned off so loads of memory now aswell as everything being so much quicker.
It's the Bramford crop tomorrow, so looking forward to that though I have a 12hr wake shift to do tonight so will be a bit glassy eyed at crop tomorrow as I'll have been up since 8am this morning.
Good news Papermaze should be up and running and the shop open in the next week, they have loads of restocks but also lots of yummy new stuff.............I've broke the bank just looking at what's coming out of the boxes when we've unpacked them! I've made my shopping list.LOL
Well I have a pile of ironing that needs doing so best go do that.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Janina xx

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