Sunday, 12 February 2012

I'm freezing!

Don't know about you but the past couple of weeks I just can't keep warm. The snow in our back garden is still as thick as it was the first day it snowed, so it just proves how cold it's been this past week for it not to melt..............does look pretty though.
Using my son's laptop as we've at long last taken our sick computer to be fixed, hoping to hear from them tomorrow. Might be a case of cheaper to buy a new tower and quicker. I don't like laptops, just can't get the hang of them.!!!
Just to let all my Bramford crop challenge girls know I've finished my frame, I am getting ahead of myself even made a start on the book, well glued some pages together.LOL
The above photo is of our cat Guss as you can see he likes the cosy life!! He's as darft as a brush he loves chasing falling snow and will sit in the pouring rain, we think he might have been dropped on his head as a kitten! He is a lovely cat though, turned up on our door as a stray 3 years ago, vet reckoned he was approx 5 years old at the time. He's a big old boy too, massive great paws.
Well hope you all have a good week.
Janina xx

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