Monday, 23 January 2012

Naughty but...............................

Went to Papermaze crop on Saturday had a lovely day with my crafty friends. Vanessa opened the store room(shop not open yet........soon though) and now everything has 65% off, so I stocked up on bazzill cardstock, mainly shades of green. I did a naughty and have just placed another order for some papers and cardstock...............prizes for Bramford crop monthly free prize draw.
I worked last night, 12hr wake night shift. Been to bed today so had some sleep, head now feels fuzzy. Hope I sleep well tonight.
Have you seen the new Sunday night mini series 'Call the Midwife' ? I enjoyed last weeks, will watch last nights tonight, so looking forward to that.
Having a sort out in my craftroom.....yet again! Trying to get it more organised and less stuff left on the floor. Hope to do some crafting too this week. Saturday off to Create and Co crop which I'm looking forward to as I tend to get more done there, probably cos I don't natter quite so much.
Craft show next week to look forward to aswell.

Well need a coffee, have a lovely week.

Janina xx


Carol said...

you've ordered even more!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol - hope you manage to get some sleep tonight!

Nancy said...

Sounds like you are being productive. I need to have a sort out and put my Christmas craft stuff away and find room for my america purchases!!

Hope you catch up with your sleep

Nance x