Thursday, 17 May 2012

Spring Cleaning

Well I ache from head to toe! I've gone spring cleaning mad in two teenagers bedrooms!!!!! It all started early hours Tuesday morning. I couldn't sleep so got up at 1.15am Tuesday morning and took my DS2 bed apart ready to take to the local dump on Tuesday morning, it did the trick cos when I did go back to bed it didn't take me long to go to sleep.LOL  Anyway DS2 is away on his hols in Turkey for two weeks and has been on about a new bed, so while the cats away mum cleans out his bedroom.............just hope the new bed turns up before he gets back from his hols, we be handy if I ordered it. Anyway Tuesday was spent sorting out his bedroom and then I moved onto sorting out part of the loft. I've also had curtains down and washed, put new ones up in my craft room.( my mum gave me them ages ago). Last night I started on DD bedroom as I've decided to get rid of her wardrobe(going to hospice shop) and go back to using the built-in cupboard as the wardrobe...........firstly though I had to paint it out which I've done today. After a hard days grafting I've finished DD bedroom, looks so much cleaner, tidier and bigger. I've now got a load of stuff( a good car load) to do a car boot sale over the bank holiday weekend. I feel rather pleased with myself as I've got loads done, DS bedroom still look a bit of a tip, but over the coming days I hope to remedy that.
Tomorrow I hope to get something sorted as I'm scrapbooking at Papermaze on Saturday, which I'm looking forward to. Missed last months crop as I was at Ally Pally.
I'm at work tonight and tomorrow night doing sleep-ins..............that's a joke as I never get much sleep.

Well hope you all have a good weekend, at least the weather has cheered up!

    Janina x

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