Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Look where we're going for our hols next year......

Well we've booked our holiday for next year to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary, this time next year we'll be on our way home after spending 8 days on a Nile Cruise Egypt. We've said for years we'd love to go to Egypt but having 3 children it would be just too expensive, so now they are older and we can leave them at home Andy and I are off on our dream holiday...............pic taken from brochure. Sooo excited.We fly out on 28th August 2013. We haven't had a holiday since we went to Florida in 2005, so we will certainly look forward to this one, oh the photos to be taken and the pages to be scrapped!
Got a busy week work wise this week. I've typed and printed out one unit of my diploma, got another unit to do by tomorrow night. Will have worked 4 nights this week by Friday and I've training tomorrow morning and assessor to see Friday morning. Glad I'm going no where over the weekend so I can just chill.

Hope you have a good weekend.

             Janina xx


Lynn said...

Can I come too!?!? Have a great time. x

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

wow how fabulous Janina and just think of all those photo's to scrap.


Mrs Frizz said...

oh wow - lucky you ... dreams can come true ... August will whip around before you know it.

My dream travel ... to Paris and a cruise around the Greek Islands ... 2013 looks like the year for me too. Just got to get those wheels in motion.