Thursday, 18 July 2013

It's not a Nile Cruise anymore..........cancelled!

We had that dreaded phone call from Thomsons on Tuesday to say our Nile Cruise has been cancelled due to all the unrest in Cairo and Luxor. Talk about gutted as this was going to be a special holiday(and our first in 8 years) for our 25th wedding anniversay. Anyway with alot of umming and arhing we've now rebooked and are going on a cruise Egypt and the Holy Land taking in stops at Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus and Israel. While in Israel we've going on a day excursion to Jerusalem and Bethlehem which I'm really looking forward to. e still might get to see the pyramids if it's safe to do so. Also an excursion in Alanya Turkey to see the Manavgat Waterfall and other places of interest along the way.

We now fly out on the 19th instead of the 28th, so we won't be away for our anniversary but hey ho at least we're going on holiday.
I've had to rebook our train tickets to London too and because Greater Anglia wanted £10 a ticket each way to change the days of travel I just rebooked which was cheaper and we've decided to go to London for the day on the 28th and to take in a show.....Les Mis!
So plenty to look forward to in August now. Yesterday it was debatable as we couldn't decided on where to go, Europe was a no no for me so the other choice would of been America and possible Florida.
Change of subject are you enjoying the weather? It's gorgeous and my tan is coming along just fine.LOL
I'm not liking night time though as I keep having broken sleep because I'm too hot.
Well lots to do.
Work this weekend......

                                          Janina xx


voodoo vixen said...

Shame about the Nile cruise being cancelled, it is a lovely trip, but your alternative sounds wonderful too and I am sure you will have a wonderful time.

Karen said...

So sorry your holiday has had to be changed Janina. Do you know the exact same happened to us for our honeymoon (15 years ago.) We were booked on a Nile cruise and the Luxor massacre happened. We changed to a Caribbean cruise. The year after we stayed in Cyprus and did a mini cruise to Israel and Egypt which was lovely. Interestingly when we were in Turkey 3 years ago we went to Manavgat falls! Hope you enjoy your new holiday, I'm sure you will xxx

Lynn said...

Glad it's all sorted out in the end, Have a great time.
Lynn x

karen barker said...

Shame about destination change, but you'll still have a fantastic time away, if not what u initially planned. Have a great anniversary and time away in London.

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

so sorry your special has had to be changed Janina but better safe than sorry and I'm sure you'll still have a wonderful time with the bonus of a trip to London.

sue x

see you saturday.