Sunday, 14 July 2013

This is your Captain speaking!

A photo of Aaron taking controls of the plane, thankfully the plane was parked on the runway at the time with it's engines off.....LOL
Aaron loves his new job as Cabin Crew for Thomsons.
It was the Bramford monthly crop yesterday, one week later than normal. It was a lovely day with 28 ladies coming along to crop and card make. I think they all enjoyed themselves. It was a scorcher sun wise yesterday too, the heat hit you when you ventured out of the hall.
I'm on holiday now until Friday, yipee. I intend doing some crafting this week and just chillin' as it's been a challenging couple of weeks at work, so I'll recharge my batteries and be ready for a weekend of work from Friday. It won't be long then until our holiday to Egypt........stop laughing all of you we're not going to Cario! We're off to Luxor. I've had the injection so I'm going!!!!

Anyway, have a good week.

              Janina x

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Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Great photo Janina, hope to see that scrapped soon. Thank you for a lovely day at crop just what I needed.