Thursday, 13 December 2012 humbug!

Well yesterday Andy and I did our yearly trip to Lakeside to do our Christmas Shopping, we got all bar 3 presents. I've just been online and can pick two of them up tomorrow from Argos this way. I managed to drag him into Ikea, oh how painful we were only in there less than 20 minutes but he moaned non stop! I've now got loads to wrap, picture of what we came home with and I've another lot in the cupboard. I'm still writing Christmas cards which I must finish today so I'll take them to work with me tonight. My tree is up, I did that last week as I knew this week would be a no go.
Hasn't it turned cold? I intend going no where today until I go to work tonight. I've the ironing to do so I shall watch the weather through the patio doors.
Papermaze Christmas crop on Saturday really looking forward to that.

                Janina xx

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Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Blimmey you don't hang around once you get going Janina LOL tree looks lovely. Have a Happy Christmas

Love and hugs Sue and the Taylor pack x