Saturday, 22 December 2012

My baby is 18 today.....

Yes Emily is 18 today, I just don't know where those years have gone. Here's a photo I took of her during the summer..................she'll have a shock instore when they go to football this afternoon as this pic should be in the Fan Zone section in the programme( her and Andy have season tickets at Ipswich Town FC). This evening she'll be out bowling with about 30 Gang Show members and then several are off clubbing! Told her she has a 9pm curfew, to which she laughed!! She's a mix of her two brothers Aaron and Tim.....will be a party animal like Aaron and is laid back like Tim, so laid back she's almost horizontal.
Well Christmas is almost here. I've now caught up, all cards done last lot being delivered today, presents are wrapped. I can now sit back and wait for the big day to arrive, so on that score I'll wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

                      Janina xx

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Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Emily x