Sunday, 2 December 2012

Gus and his advent calendar!

Our cat Gus love the cat treat Dreamies, shake the packet and he goes like a rocket! Have you seen the advert on TV, yes that does it to him. He has radar ears even when you only pick the packet up.......anyway shopping in Asda we found a Dreamies advent calendar so we just had to buy Gus one. Well yesterday he had door No 1 contents which he gobbled up in record time and the look on his face when they had gone. Today I took pictures of him with door No 2 and here they are.......................the kids reckon the cat is spoilt.
How are your Christmas arrangements going? Mine well I'm only now starting. Later I hope to start writing my Christmas cards so I can get those that need posting, posted this week. Christmas shopping we'll be off to Lakeside next week. Got two works Christmas meals coming up, Andy's this coming Friday and mine next Monday. If I can get Christmas wrapped up by next Friday( I mean by having all the pressies wrapped!) I'll be happy.

Well have a great week..............Bramford Christmas crop on Saturday.

                    Janina xx